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Vehicle Undercarriage Cleaning

Vehicle Undercarriage cleaningUndercarriage cleaning makes it easy to clean the underside of vehicles on site. It can be used to clean cars, trucks and more. Agricultural and Construction Machinery can be cleaned on site without the use of a car lift. The undercarriage cleaner is time saving and cost effective and most importantly is done on site. 

Undercarriage cleaning professionally removes road grime, fuel and oil contaminants, grease and soil buildups. It helps to increase the life of your fleet by keeping parts clean of dirt, allows engineers a better view of the undercarriage in which to work, and helps to locate leaks in fuel or hydraulic lines.

We can also, as needed, remove biological or chemical contamination.

Your fleet will appear as new when being inspected by authorities, or being resold, letting anyone with a critical eye know that you take excellent care of your vehicles.

Undercarriage cleaning

Steam cleaning the underside of a commercial or other vehicle is a safe and non-invasive procedure. There is little risk or danger of damaging any part of the machinary since all we are using is superheated pressurised water with a small amount of solvent. It is applied to the underside precisely so as to target the areas that are most prone to damage from road grime and engine grease. Our skilled operators are professional and fully trained and insured for your peace of mind as well.

Our clients who use this servivce are typically large fleet operators who can sere the upside benefits to long term fleet maintenance.

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