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Please refer to your service contract or contract of sale for Terms and Conditions of the service provided to you by Fishbone Pressure.

Nothing in this website is to be construed to be a contract or agreement between your self or your organisation and Fishbone Pressure. Your agreement with us will be formed in full by a specific contract alone.

Fishbone Pressure makes no claim that the information in this website is accurate or up to date. This will include text, prices and images. Its purpose is only to provide a basis for information regarding the services of Fishbone Pressure.

Delivery: All work will be delivered as agreed with the client. Nothing in this web site should should be read to indicate otherwise.

From time to time services may not be available, or availability means that items can not be delivered within the normal time frame. If this occurs we will endeavour to contact you to arrange alternative arrangements, or if the service is not available a credit or refund will be provided..

Refunds: Any request for a refund should be made by either phoning Fishbone Pressure directly , or emailing us. Your request should be made immediately. Unfortunately we can not refund the deposit if the delivery is to be carried out on the same day as the request to refund has been made.

In any case a small administrative fee may be deducted from your deposit if refunded.

Limit of Service: If Fishbone Pressure determines that it can not complete your service within the time frame requested or agreed to, or if the work is outside our resources and we can not organise an alternative, we may cancel the job by refunding any deposit made and contacting you that this has occurred.

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